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counselling and hypnotherapy

What my clients say...

“Within minutes of meeting Amanda, she put me at my ease and I quickly began to build trust with her.

My life has been transformed with her help and I'm now happy, relaxed and the confident person I've always wanted to be."


“Before I met Amanda I was wearing out a path between my sofa and the fridge. I hated how I looked and felt like a big fat frump. Now, after only a few sessions, I can once again look in the mirror and not hate what I see. But the biggest change is that I now control my food - my food doesn't control me!

Amanda was so understanding, she listened without judging and then tailored every session to my exact needs. I feel like I have my life back now."


"I have competed at world level in martial arts for many years, but a couple of years ago I lost all my confidence and was unable to compete to my full potential.

Not only did Amanda help me overcome my fear when performing on the mat, but I was able to go on and win all my sections at the World Championships in 2014, meaning I am now triple world champion.

It has also helped me with my confidence on a day to day basis. Thank you Amanda, such a great service from a truly nice person."


“After previously having unsuccessful sessions with various counsellors in the past, I was reluctant to try any more counselling or pursue any form of therapy.

That was until I stumbled upon Amanda at A Healing Mind. From the offset, Amanda has been nothing more than professional and creates a relaxing environment that immediately puts you at ease.

Amanda gives 100% commitment to your cause and tailored each session to my specific needs. With her help and support I have started to overcome issues that I never thought would be possible.

Her positive approach and support soon makes you realise that your problems do not rule you and, with a bit of guidance in the right direction, you realise you can take back control of your life. I highly recommend Amanda for the array of therapeutic services she has to offer."


“I would like to say a big thank you to Amanda for the help towards competing for England in the World Championships in Portugal this year. From being nervous as soon as I stepped on the mat to being confident within my own abilities after just 6 sessions feels like a great achievement.

I would recommend Amanda to anyone who feels the need to enhance their performance and confidence within themselves."

"So glad that I decided to get some counselling. You have made a real difference to my wellbeing.

Thank you for all your patience and understanding."


Ready to get your life back? Learn more about what I can do for you...


tel: 07970 924374

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